iKeyword – Free 1.0.1, iKeyword 1.0.2 and a busy week

iKeyword – Free, free iPhone App was released on Monday to help you whether it’s worthwhile to purchase the paid iPhone App iKeyword. iKeyword – Free is a huge success, if you haven’t already tried it you should head over to the App Store and download. Available on the App Store

On Thursday (29th July), an update to iKeyword was released enabling users fetch unlimited number of related keywords based on user feedback upping the version to 1.0.2 from 1.0.1 . If the number of related keywords returned was an issue that prevented you from using iKeyword; download to iKeyword 1.0.2 now on the iPhone App Store.

Whole of this week I have been working on an uber cool iPad application which will hopefully be released in August, it’s a biggie. Stay subscribed or follow me on Twitter to be the first to hear when it’s released.

Btw, system administrator appreciation day falls tomorrow; do not forget to throw a party for your SysAdmin, get him/her a gift or just say thanks 🙂

How to redeem iTunes App store coupons

When distributing iKeyword coupons everyone was having issues with figuring out where to enter the coupon. Apple did a good job to make sure unsuspecting users will end up buying the app instead of redeeming the coupon because there is no way to use the coupon from the iTunes on the iPhone and even with iTune for Mac or Windows you couldn’t redeem the coupon from the App details page, clever of you Apple.

For everyone’s benefit;

  1. Power up your PC or Mac
  2. Open iTunes
  3. Goto iTunes store home (Click the home icon once you get to iTunes store)
  4. Click “Redeem” under “Quick links” (highlighted in the screenshot above)
  5. Key in the redeem code and click the Redeem button

Enjoy your app free app 🙂

First iPhone app released

Available on the App Store iTunes Connect - iKeyword Last Wednesday first iPhone app was released under my account, iKeyword. iKeyword allows you to search for related keywords on your iPhone or iPod Touch. I use Google AdWords keyword suggestion API to discover/generate keywords. It was a fun project. I also need to give a shout out to Oliver Tani for giving me feedback on what Online Marketers really want.

To much to my surprise Apple’s approval process only took 7 days (5 working days), thank you Apple for speedy approval 🙂 . See the screenshot of iTunes Connect bellow.

How to find out the iPhone/iPod Touch device ID without Xcode?

  1. Connect the iPhone or iPod Touch to your Mac or PC
  2. Click on the device in iTunes, go to the “Summary” tab, click on the “Serial Number” label. The “Serial Number” will change to “Identifier”
  3. Click on “Edit” in the menu at the top and select “Copy”
  4. Now you can paste the device ID into an e-mail

Hope this helps if you don’t have access to a Mac or XCode and need to find out the device ID.