CUPS spool in devices with limited space

I was trying to print a large document, and it would never print. A small print job had no issues. To add to that I was printing a stupid PDF form that will only open with Acrobat Reader. The print job was passing through many places, VMWare guest, my notebook, and finally print server. I spent hours looking for what’s wrong.

Finally after many hours lost the issue was found to be lack of storage space in the print server; specifically print job spool was filling the disk.

I was unable to find a work around or a fix other than printing in smaller batches. I believe not many people come across this issue, IMHO this is not even worth fixing. I just blogged it for my own reference.

Lanka Bell broadband charges for services not requested

Last 14th I got my self a LankaBell broadband connection, there were no addons available either. Today I got the bill and they have charged me for web space and web mail that I was not even aware of they had. I complained to their billing department and they said they will get back to be on Monday. Just to clarify things I rang up their sales department acting as a new customer and queried about web mail and web space, and according to them web mail is free and they have never provided web space.

Be aware if you are getting a new LankaBell broadband connection. They charge you for products/addons they do not even provide. I’ll post and update after the billing department gets back to me. Let’s hope it was a mistake on their part. For everyones reference see the bill bellow.

Update 10/12/2008: Lanka Bell informed me that web space and web mail was billed erroneously.