Google Maps and Sri Lanka Postal Codes

I revisited one of my projects from the school days, Sri Lanka Postal Codes Search. I haven’t touched it from ages, but looking at Google Analytics it was the most popular part of my site apart from the blog. On few occasions some of the users had suggested some usability improvements such as Post Office name auto completion, Google Maps to show the Post Office location, and also to allow users to report errors or omissions within the site itself. They were valid requests but with my busy schedule never got about to implement them. Finally last weekend I got some free time to make these improvements.

Now the Sri Lanka Postal Codes section has two parts, the search and regional details section. In the search the Post Office Name and the Postal Code fields will be auto completed. During auto completion, other filters are also evaluated. In the regional details section, Post Office location is provided on Google Maps. The Post Offices are categorized into their respective provinces and districts.

During the course of the week I plan to implement a feed back form designed specifically for the purpose allowing the users to report errors and omissions.

Hope you like the new and improved Sri Lanka Postal Codes Search and Sri Lanka Postal Codes List.

PS: Location co-ordinates are provided courtesy of GeoNames Project

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