Dialog GSM has been deceiving the public

Dialog GSM (biggest telecom provider in Sri Lanka) has been deceiving the public about their Family package tarrifs. Their marketing material, customer service representatives and the web site states there is a commitment of Rs. 250 (Local call charges) per supplementary connection and no commitment for the primary connection. Until February it was the case, but from March they started to have a commitment for the primary connection as well. I made a complaint to Dialog and initial response was prompt but there after one person from the billing department agreed that there was a mistake and 2 weeks later another person called up and said it was correct and the marketing material was wrong. Just to clarify I contacted the customer service department to clarify things viola, their intial response was that there is no commitment for the primary package but when I insisted that it may be wrong and many minutes of waiting they got back to me saying there is a group commitment of  Rs. 250.

If you have a Dialog Family package please go through your bills for February and March (April if you have already got it) 2009 and you will see the difference. Please post a comment if you are affected and even if you are not affected leave a comment then we might be able to find a pattern 🙂 . It might not affect you if your primary connection makes more than Rs. 250 worth of local calls, not the case with me.

If you want to see my bills please leave a comment, it’s 8 pages, little too much to post in a blog.

I believe this is clearly deceiving the public. Shame on you Dialog GSM.