Cool parodies, White and Nerdy, eBay

Couple of days back I was just browsing around searching for funny videos; I stumble upon There I got to watch couple of animated interviews and music videos of Weird Al Yankovic (Then at doogtoons they used YouTube, I probably was able to watch related videos as well). Most interesting of them all was White and Nerdy.

Then I thought I would dig it more and did a google to see whether there are any Wikipedia articles, to my surprise Weird Al was a real person, writing and performing parodies. I started to search and watch more and more videos of songs he had created. I thought of sharing the songs I found it interesting.

  1. White and Nerdy [2006] (parody of Ridin’ by Chamillionaire) – Video
  2. eBay [2003] (parody of I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys) – Video
  3. Like a Surgeon [1984] (parody of Like a Virgin by Madonna) – Video

While you are there at YouTube don’t forget to checkout other cool Weird Al videos as well, I just listed the coolest three out of the many. Also remember to check Wikipedia to see whether a particular song is really Weird Al’s because some of the videos are wrongly atributed to Weird Al.

Weid Al’s parodies are so cool, I was immediately converted to a fan. He knows how to make a mark in pop culture.