Ping Bloglines – Poll-n-Ping! exclusive

Bloglines is the latest service to be added to the list of services Poll-n-Ping! can ping. None of the multiple ping services that are out there has the ability to ping Bloglines. This brings the total number of services Poll-n-Ping! support to 20.

Some multiple blog ping services (e.g. Pingoat)  have ping servers that are no longer existant. We at Poll-n-Ping! continuousy monitor the upstream ping services to ensure that they are live. We are also believe in being transparent, hence provide you will the result of each ping we make.

We are constantly trying to increase the number of services we ping. Do not forget to check your Poll-n-Ping! account regularly for the latest additions. If you do not already have a Poll-n-Ping!, you are not exploiting the maximum potential of your blog. Grab your self a free Poll-n-Ping! account without further dalay.