Interesting domains going on sale

While building R2G Tools I discovered some interesting and rare domains, I jumped at the opportunity and registered them. Now they are going on sale to raise funds to make R2G Tools better. Here are the domains.
Page rank 3 domain with a generic term. Rare opportunity no direct marketing firm should let go. and
Pair of page rank 7 domains. Not sure what iaews stands for but I’m sure what ever you host will make to the top of the Google index fast. Great SEO value.
Page rank 5 domain. Great for a US based health care firm. If you are lucky New Jersey based Meridian Health will definitely be interested in this domain. Great opportunity for an experienced domainer.

Send me your offers, these domains are going fast as I need the cash fast to improve R2G Tools and I’m not very good at hard selling 🙂

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