Read only Facebook – Database write failed

To my despair Facebook went read only for a brief period of time (aproximately 10 minutes). I was not able to comment on my friend’s status messages, or like them, or post my own status message; I was confronted with the message bellow. However adding friends, approving requests were working fine. I believe the issue was isolated to status messages and related functionality (IMHO most popular).


Facebook do not dare to do something like this again, I need Facebook to keep in touch with my friends. I’m not a Facebook addict, just that the issue happened to coincide with the time of day I would get on Facebook to get an update on my friends andmake my own online presence.

I would like to know whether you had a similar issue, or was it just me. At the time of writing the issue is fixed. Thanks Facebook for the quick fix.

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2 thoughts on “Read only Facebook – Database write failed”

  1. the same thing is happening on mine right now. It has been like that for over an hour now. I have let facebook know but have not got a response yet! So annoying.!

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