Filter module support for Premium module

There was a need to put a log in link with destination get variable set if the user is not authenticated and trying to view a premium node. The obvious place to put such content is the “Premium body text” in /admin/settings/premium, however one problem was that “Premium body text” can only static html, no filters/format.

I couldn’t quite believe why filter module was not being made use of there, so I went ahead an made the necessary changes to make it possible to select the filter/format to be applied to “Premium body text”. The patch will add a Input format section to the settings form, that filter chosen there will be applied when the “Premium body text” is rendered into a node.

You can see the progress of the patch submitted to at I just hope the patch will make it to the premium module head. The development of the premium module is nearly stagnant :(, that conserns me.

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