CAS Server 3.2 Final released

Today, the CAS development team announced the CAS Server 3.2 release. The release includes a number of enhancements, bug fixes, and new features. This includes updated dependencies (Spring 2.5.1, Log4j, Acegi Security, Spring LDAP, Spring Web Flow) as well as bug fixes in the SPNEGO module and Services Management tool. It also includes enhancements to enable/disable single sign out at the server level.

Finally, it includes a new Hard Timeout Expiration Policy, an updated Spring Configuration mechanism (and modularized Spring configuration files) as well as a utilizing a production-ready auditing/statistics tool/API (Inspektr).

You can download the release from the usual location:

This is a major release and you should take a look at the major new features (the updated Spring Configuration mechanism and the Inspektr auditing tool) and see how/if it changes your deployment.

Great work Scott Battaglia and the others who contributed.

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