ESMTP Mailer for PHP

Here is something you always wanted.

If you are a php developer and used Windows, you would have with held your application form sending e-mails because of mail() function not working on Windows without a SMTP server.

Worry no further. The solution is available now under GNU Public License.

(E)SMTP Mailer for PHP is a PHP class which you can intergrate with your application to send mail as long as the server the script is running is connected to the internet.

Download 0.1a1

How (E)SMTP Mailer for PHP works

(E)SMTP Mailer for PHP only relies on DNS records and the destination ESMTP/SMTP server. It acts as a Mail Transfer agent and negotiates the destination mail server to send the mail.


(E)SMTP Mailer for PHP requires PHP5 or above to run.

S.H.Mohanjith aka MOHA (c) 2006