" The duration of passion is proportionate with the original resistance of the woman. "
Honore de Balzac

Back in the day


Sydney Harbour Bridge Opens

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia's major landmarks, connecting Sydney's central business district with the North Shore. Nicknamed the "coat hanger" because of its arch-based design, it is among the world's widest and longest bridges, and it towers as much as 440 feet (134 m) above the harbor. Despite opening during the Great Depression, the bridge was heralded by lavish festivities. How did a member of a right-wing paramilitary group interrupt the bridge's ribbon-cutting ceremony?



Gregorian Chant

Named for Pope Gregory I, who is credited with recodifying chant and liturgy in the 6th century CE, Gregorian chant is the monophonic, unaccompanied liturgical music of the Catholic Church. It is thought to have its roots in Jewish cantillation and in the Byzantine chant of the Greek Orthodox Church. Though the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council (1962–65) curtailed the use of chant in church services, recordings of Gregorian chants were topping pop music charts as recently as when?

Born on a day like today


Dinu Lipatti

Lipatti was a Romanian pianist whose career was tragically cut short by Hodgkin's lymphoma at age 33. Despite a relatively short playing career and a small recorded legacy, Lipatti is considered among the finest pianists of the 20th century. He was much admired for his pianistic technique, and he is noted for his interpretations of Mozart, Bach, and Chopin. As a teen, Lipatti came in second in the Vienna International Piano Competition. How did his failure to take first place impact his future?

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