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Oscar Wilde

Back in the day


UK Calls Off the Toddlers' Truce

Today we are used to turning on the television at any hour of the day or night and having access to countless channels broadcasting all manner of program, but this was not always the case. In television's early days, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was the UK's sole public broadcaster; it started out with just one channel, and it cut its feed from 6PM to 7PM to accommodate parents putting their children to bed. What caused the BBC to eventually abandon the so-called Toddlers' Truce?



Peter Abelard

Abelard was a 12th-century French philosopher and teacher whose career was derailed by a scandalous relationship with a tutee named Heloise. After a son and a secret marriage, Abelard sent Heloise to a convent to protect her from her disapproving family. In response, her uncle had Abelard castrated. Heloise became an abbess, while Abelard sought refuge as a monk. After his first theological work was burned as heretical, he established a monastery and resumed teaching. What were his last words?

Born on a day like today


Giambattista Bodoni

As did many tradesmen of his day, Bodoni followed in his father's footsteps, training from a young age to become a printer. He apprenticed at the press of the Vatican before assuming the management of the Royal Press of the duke of Parma in 1768. He paid little mind to the quality of text he printed, prizing typeface and layout above all else. By the 1780s, he was designing his own typefaces, some of which are still in use. What distinguished his typefaces from the "old style" of William Caslon?

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