" You may share the labours of the great, but you will not share the spoil. "

Back in the day


The "Devil's Footprints" Appear in Devon, England

In February 1855, the Devil, perhaps consumed with wanderlust, apparently took a 40- to 100-mile stroll across Devon, England. His outing might have passed unnoticed, except that it was snowing heavily at the time. When residents awoke, they were dismayed to find unusual cloven hoofprints all over the place—not just on the ground but also on obstacles like walls and even roofs. Of course, it is possible that something other than the Prince of Darkness made these tracks. What are some theories?



Summa Theologica

Summa Theologica was the first Christian attempt at a comprehensive theological system. Written by Thomas Aquinas—a 13th-century philosopher and a principal saint of the Catholic Church—it is a compendium of all the main teachings of the Church for the "instruction of beginners." It addresses a range of topics including God, the creation of the world, morality, and the life of Christ. Though incomplete, Summa Theologica is Aquinas's most important work. About how many pages is it?

Born on a day like today


Il Guercino

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, better known as Il Guercino ("The Squinter"), was an Italian painter whose work had a profound impact on the development of 17th-century Baroque decoration. One of the outstanding draftsmen of his age, he was known for his frescoes, altarpieces, oils, and drawings. When he was 30, he was called to Rome by Pope Gregory XV and spent a productive two years there. Later, he moved to Bologna and was its leading painter until his death. How did he get his nickname?

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