" It has been observed that one's nose is never so happy as when thrust into the affairs of others, from which some physiologists have drawn the inference that the nose is devoid of the sense of smell. "
Ambrose Bierce

Back in the day


Mafia Boss Salvatore Riina Apprehended after 23 Years in Hiding

Riina started out as a mafia hit man and ascended the ranks, becoming a feared leader of the Sicilian Mafia. When control of the heroin trade in Sicily led to fierce rivalry among the Mafia clans, Riina—known as "The Beast"—orchestrated the murders of high-profile public officials while living in hiding for 23 years. His tactics were unusual—mafia bosses tended to be highly visible in their communities while keeping their violent activities under the radar. How did the police finally find him?



The Eight Evil Thoughts

Evagrius Ponticus struggled with adulterous desires and physical illness before devoting his life to Christianity, becoming an ascetic monk in 383 CE. Despite later accusations of heresy, Evagrius exerted a tremendous influence on the church through his writings and is best known for categorizing eight forms of temptation. These eight evil thoughts are gluttony, greed, sloth, sorrow, lust, anger, vainglory, and pride. Who later revised the list to form the more commonly known Seven Deadly Sins?

Born on a day like today


Martin Luther King, Jr.

King was the inspirational leader of the US Civil Rights Movement. An advocate of nonviolence, he organized boycotts, marches, and demonstrations to protest segregation and racial injustice. In August 1963, he spearheaded the March on Washington, an assembly of more than 200,000 protesters at which he made his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. King's work helped to assure the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but he was killed just four years later in Memphis, Tennessee. Why was he there?

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