" I don't think, sir, you have a right to command me, merely because you are older than I, or because you have seen more of the world than I have; your claim to superiority depends on the use you have made of your time and experience. "
Charlotte Bronte

Back in the day


The African National Congress Is Founded

The African National Congress (ANC) is a South African political party and black nationalist organization. Founded as the South African Native National Congress in 1912, the ANC began as a nonviolent civil rights group. After government massacres of demonstrators, however, the ANC began carrying out acts of sabotage and guerrilla warfare. As a result, its leaders were exiled, but in 1994, the ANC swept the country's first elections based on universal suffrage. Who was the ANC's famous leader?



Free Falling

Though often associated with skydivers, a free fall in physics is any motion of a body upon which gravity is the only force acting—such as a ball thrown up in the air. Though free falls from great heights are incredibly dangerous for humans, they can be survivable, especially if one lands on a surface of high deformity, like snow or water. In 1972, a flight attendant miraculously survived—despite 27 days in a coma—after the plane she was on exploded, hurtling her how many feet to the ground?

Born on a day like today


Frank Nelson Doubleday

Doubleday was an American publisher best known for founding the Doubleday & McClure Company. Doubleday was so fascinated with printing as a boy that he saved up and bought his own printing press, and he began working at famed publishing house Charles Scribner's Sons at age 14. In 1897, he formed his own company with Samuel S. McClure, publisher of McClure's Magazine, and their firm became a prominent publishing house. What strange nickname did Rudyard Kipling give Doubleday?

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