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Back in the day


The Emancipation Proclamation Is Formally Issued

Though this edict, issued by US President Abraham Lincoln while the country was embroiled in a bloody civil war, was largely a symbolic gesture and did not actually end slavery, it was a major step on the road to abolition and sent a clear message about the Union's stance on the matter. The proclamation—which was almost entirely the work of Lincoln himself—declared free all slaves living in areas still engaged in revolt against the Union. What officially ended slavery in the US?



The San Andreas Fault

Formed around 30 million years ago, California's San Andreas Fault is a major zone of fractures in the Earth's crust extending from San Francisco to San Diego. The fault causes several thousand earthquakes a year, but few are serious. It was first identified in northern California by geology professor Andrew Lawson in 1895. After the 1906 San Francisco quake, he discovered that the fault continues through southern California. What city along the fault regularly endures magnitude 6.0 temblors?

Born on a day like today


Huldrych Zwingli

Zwingli was a Swiss theologian who championed the Reformation in Switzerland. Inspired by his studies rather than a crisis of faith, he challenged the ritualism, decadence, and hierarchy of the Catholic Church, and his stance on the sacrament of communion brought him into conflict with both Martin Luther and the Church. After a Zurich council approved many of his proposals, organs were destroyed, priests were allowed to wed, and the liturgy was simplified. In what 1531 battle was Zwingli killed?

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