" The music of life would be mute if the chords of memory were snapped asunder. "
Jerome K. Jerome

Back in the day


Last Recorded Eruption of Mount Fuji Begins

Majestic Mount Fuji, located about 60 mi (100 km) from Tokyo, is the tallest mountain in Japan. The beauty of the snowcapped symmetrical cone, ringed by lakes and virgin forests, has inspired Japanese poets and painters throughout the centuries. Though the volcano is classified as active, its last major eruption began on December 16, 1707, and ended in early 1708. As a sacred mountain, Mount Fuji is a traditional pilgrimage site, but the Aokigahara forest at its base is a popular site for what?




"Larping" is the act of participating in a live-action-role-playing game (LARP). Fiction and reality are blurred as "larpers" meet and play their games in person—though not as themselves, as fictional characters—in an artificially created or even imagined setting—somewhat like improvisational theater. Settings vary from historical to modern to fantasy. Event arrangers called gamemasters oversee the games, which can last days and include thousands of players. When was the first recorded LARP?

Born on a day like today


Margaret Mead

A prolific writer and avid speaker, anthropologist Margaret Mead was instrumental in popularizing the anthropological concept of culture in the US. Though many later anthropologists have questioned both the accuracy of her observations and the soundness of her conclusions, she remains highly regarded for her many contributions to the field. Over the course of her career, Mead made numerous field trips to observe the peoples of Oceania. What question did she hope to answer on her first such trip?

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