" Oh, be humble, my brother, in your prosperity! Be gentle with those who are less lucky, if not more deserving. "
William Makepeace Thackeray

Back in the day


The Banana Massacre

In December 1928, after a month-long strike to secure better working conditions, United Fruit Company workers from the Colombian town of Ciénaga gathered with their families in the town square to hear a scheduled gubernatorial address. Instead of words they were met with bullets fired by government troops. An unknown number died that day. The government took such decisive—and deadly—action to end the strike partly out of fear that US interests in the United Fruit Company would lead to what?



Die Brücke

Die Brücke—meaning "the bridge" in German—was a group of 20th-century German expressionist artists. Strongly influenced by primitive art, they produced paintings depicting suffering and anxiety and featuring harshly distorted shapes and violent colors. Their desire to create a bridge to the art of the future extended beyond the canvas to their everyday lives. They lived and worked communally, flouting social mores with frequent nudity and the use of young models. What did they use for a studio?

Born on a day like today


Henry VI of England

Henry VI became king of England when he was not yet nine months old. That same year, the English proclaimed the infant the successor to the French throne, but France did not recognize this. The young monarch grew up to be a mild, honest, and pious man, a patron of literature and the arts. He was, however, also mentally unstable, weak-willed, and politically naive, and this created a power vacuum that his overly powerful ministers vied to fill, eventually resulting in what decades-long conflict?

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