" Some cynical Frenchman has said that there are two parties to a love-transaction: the one who loves and the other who condescends to be so treated. "
William Makepeace Thackeray

Back in the day


Barney Clark Receives World's First Permanent Artificial Heart

In the late 1940s, doctors at the Yale School of Medicine used parts from an Erector Set to build the first artificial heart pump. The device bypassed the heart of a dog for more than an hour. However, an artificial heart would not be implanted in a human until decades later. Barney Clark, a Seattle dentist with congestive heart failure, was the first recipient. Though the surgery was successful, Clark never recovered enough to leave the hospital and died of complications after how long?



"The Judgment"

"The Judgment" is a 1912 short story by Franz Kafka. He wrote it in a single sitting and described the experience as a creative outburst of the body and soul with the story emerging like a newborn "covered in filth and slime." He even allowed it to be published—most of his stories were only released posthumously. "The Judgment" focuses on a man named Georg Bendemann whose father condemns him to death by drowning, prompting Georg to jump off a bridge. What life events likely inspired Kafka?

Born on a day like today


Peter Carl Goldmark

A Hungarian engineer and inventor, Goldmark immigrated to the US in 1933 and went to work in the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) laboratories. There he developed the first commercial color television system, but it was not compatible with existing black-and-white television sets and was soon superseded by one that was. Later, he developed the system that would allow the US Lunar Orbiter to relay photographs from the Moon to Earth. What did he invent that revolutionized the recording industry?

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