" A good man is a man who is good to us, and a bad man is a man who doesn't do what we want him to. "
Jerome K. Jerome

Back in the day


Louis Riel, "Father of Manitoba," Executed for Treason

Of French and Métis parentage, Riel grew up in the Red River Settlement in what is now Manitoba, whose establishment in 1870 he precipitated by leading a revolt of Métis and indigenous peoples against the transfer of the Hudson's Bay Company territory to Canada. Riel was outlawed for his role in the rebellion, but that did not deter him from leading a similar uprising in Saskatchewan in 1884. This time, however, he was captured by Canadian authorities and executed. Why was his penalty so harsh?




For many centuries, Korean socialites have worn the gache, an elaborate wig decorated with precious jewels and metals. Such wigs were once considered required attire for brides, but their expense was so great that some families had to save for years to obtain one. The opulence of the gache prompted King Jeongjo to ban it in the late 18th century, but not everyone complied. According to one account, a young bride died because her heavy gache broke her neck. How much does such a wig usually weigh?

Born on a day like today


Nnamdi Azikiwe

A native Nigerian, Azikiwe was educated in the US and, upon returning to his home country, began publishing denunciatory articles as editor of the African Morning Post. He was charged with sedition in 1936 but was ultimately acquitted. Azikiwe then became a political leader and was named the first president of Nigeria when it became a republic in 1963, serving until a military coup forced him out in 1966. His writings led to the emergence of Zikism, which is what?

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