" Men come and go as leaves year by year upon the trees. Those of autumn the wind sheds upon the ground, but when spring returns the forest buds forth with fresh vines. "

Back in the day


Philippine Opposition Leader Benigno Aquino, Jr., Is Assassinated

Aquino, leader of the Philippines' Liberal Party, was planning to run for president in 1972 when Ferdinand Marcos, the incumbent, declared martial law and had Aquino arrested on inflated charges. Aquino served eight years in prison, at one point demonstrating against his sentence with a 40-day hunger strike. In 1980, he was released to go to the US for heart-bypass surgery. After three years in exile, he returned to the Philippines and was immediately assassinated. Why had Aquino gone back?




The 1975 New Columbia Encyclopedia hails Lillian Virginia Mountweazel as a fountain designer and photographer renowned for her photos of rural mailboxes. Her entry notes that she was killed in an explosion while on assignment for Combustibles magazine. Alas, the amusing entry is fictitious. Incorrect articles purposely placed in reference works like dictionaries and encyclopedias have since become known as "Mountweazels." What legitimate purpose do these entries serve?

Born on a day like today


Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon

The younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret was a somewhat controversial member of the royal family, mainly as a result of her turbulent love life. She called off her first engagement, to a divorcee 16 years her senior, when it became clear that marrying him would mean renouncing her right of succession. A few years later, she wed photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, but rumors of her infidelities abounded, and they eventually divorced. With whom did she supposedly stray?

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