" I am tempted to think that to be despised by her sex is a very great compliment to a woman. "
William Makepeace Thackeray

Back in the day


Hermine Braunsteiner Becomes First Nazi Extradited from the US

Nicknamed the "Stomping Mare" for her violent kicking of prisoners, Braunsteiner was a Nazi concentration camp guard during WWII. After the war, she spent a brief period in jail for war crimes before marrying an American and becoming a US citizen. In 1964, she was confronted at her home in New York by a reporter tipped off about her past by Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal. When her role in the war came to light, she was stripped of her citizenship and extradited to West Germany. What became of her?



Northwest Angle

If you are visiting Minnesota's Northwest Angle, you have reached a part of the US that is beyond the Canadian border. Separated from the US by the Lake of the Woods, "the Angle" is north of the 49th parallel, the northern boundary of the contiguous 48 states. The anomaly resulted from early mapmakers' imprecision about the source of the Mississippi River. When their error was corrected, the Angle was left beyond the international border. What are you required to do upon arrival at the Angle?

Born on a day like today


John Heathcoat

Heathcoat was not the first person to invent a lacemaking machine, but his apparatus was the first to produce an exact imitation of handmade pillow lace. Patented in 1809, it was the most complex textile machine then in existence. Heathcoat decided to capitalize on his invention by opening a lace mill, but textile workers, angry that they were being replaced by machines, attacked and destroyed it in 1816. Undeterred, he opened a new mill elsewhere. What happened to the steam plough he invented?

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