" There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that ... imitation is suicide. "
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Back in the day


US Drops Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima

After Germany surrendered in May 1945, the Allied forces focused on ending the war in the Pacific. Japan refused to surrender, dismissing the Allies' vows to devastate the country. The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was the first ever dropped on a populated area. At least 130,000 people were killed, injured, or declared missing, and 90 percent of the city was leveled by the blast. Another atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki three days later. When did Japan surrender?



Margery Kempe: Mother, Mystic, Madwoman

Dating to the 15th century and discovered in its entirety in 1934, The Book of Margery Kempe is perhaps the first autobiography in the English language. Dictated to a scribe by the apparently illiterate Kempe, it chronicles her travels as a religious pilgrim and provides an in-depth account of a middle-class woman's experience in the Middle Ages. The mother of 14 claims that after the birth of her first child, she fell into a bout of madness and had a vision that called on her to do what?

Born on a day like today


Susie Baker King Taylor

Born into slavery, Taylor was secretly—and illegally—educated during her childhood. As a young woman, she served as a Union army nurse during the American Civil War. She became the first African American to openly teach former slaves in Georgia and the first African-American woman to publish a memoir of her wartime experiences, Reminiscences of My Life in Camp with the 33d United States Colored Troops, Late 1st S.C. Volunteers. How did she end up with Union troops in the first place?

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