" A boy's love comes from a full heart; a man's is more often the result of a full stomach. Indeed, a man's sluggish current may not be called love, compared with the rushing fountain that wells up when a boy's heart is struck with the heavenly rod. "
Jerome K. Jerome

Back in the day


The Short Creek Raid

Before dawn on July 26, 1953, more than 100 Arizona state police officers and National Guard soldiers entered Short Creek, home to about 400 Mormon fundamentalists, many of whom illegally practiced polygamy. Almost the whole community was arrested, and 263 children were seized from their parents. Arizona's governor described it as a "police action against insurrection," but the raid drew widespread criticism. Community members knew the raid was coming. What were they doing when officers arrived?



The End of Civilization

Throughout history, people have feared that civilization, human life, and even planet Earth could one day come to an end, either as a result of natural, manmade, or supernatural causes. Catastrophic doomsday scenarios include antibiotic resistant super-bacteria devastating humanity and runaway global warming rendering Earth's climate uninhabitable. Among the more bizarre potential threats is what field of science, which some fear will give rise to out-of-control, self-replicating robots?

Born on a day like today


Jane "Jinny" Bunford

Standing well over seven and a half feet tall, Bunford was twice recognized during her lifetime as the tallest person in the world. She is also believed to have had the longest hair, at 8 ft 1 in (2.5 m) long. Though she died in 1922, she was featured in the 1971 Guinness Book of World Records after her skeleton was discovered on display at Birmingham University. Bunford's height likely resulted from her pituitary gland secreting excessive growth hormones after what childhood accident?

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