" A fool with a heart and no brains is just as unhappy as a fool with brains and no heart. "
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Back in the day


Man Causes a Sensation by Jumping off Brooklyn Bridge—Or Not

The iconic Brooklyn Bridge opened in 1883. Three years later, a New Yorker named Steve Brodie claimed to have survived a jump off the span, and newspapers eagerly reported the stunt, allegedly done as part of a bet. Vaulted to sudden fame, Brodie embarked on a successful stage career and opened the popular Bowery Tavern. "To pull a Brodie" even became a slang term for doing something flamboyant and dangerous, but Brodie's dubious claim about his leap was later disputed. What really happened?



45x90 Points

If you were to split the Earth's surface in to four parts, the center of each part would be a 45X90 point—the location between the geographical North or South Pole and the equator, and between the prime meridian and the 180th meridian. Two of the points are in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, respectively. Another is in Poniatowski, Wisconsin, where visitors can become members of the 45X90 Club by signing a logbook. Only a few people claim to have visited the final 45X90 point. Where is it?

Born on a day like today


John Babcock

Prior to his death in 2010, at age 109, Babcock was Canada's last known surviving veteran of World War I. He joined the army at 15 by lying about his age. When he was discovered to be too young for combat, he was given labor jobs and was later transferred to England, where he continued his training in the Young Soldiers Battalion. Because he never actually fought on the front lines, he was uncomfortable with his fame as a veteran. At what age did Babcock finally earn his high school diploma?

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