" It is a hopeless endeavor to attract people to a theater unless they can be first brought to believe that they will never get into it. "
Charles Dickens

Back in the day


The Bisbee Deportation

In June 1917, miners in Bisbee, Arizona, engaged in a strike to improve wages and working conditions. On July 12, 2,000 vigilantes organized by the county sheriff illegally deported more than 1,000 of the striking union workers and others, including Americans and immigrants from Mexico and elsewhere. They were brought to a baseball field, loaded onto a cattle train, and taken 16 hours through the desert. They were finally dropped off in Hermanas, New Mexico. What happened to them next?



Freetown Christiania

Freetown Christiania is a semi-autonomous neighborhood of about 850 residents in Copenhagen, Denmark. It dates to 1971, when hippies and squatters took over an area of recently abandoned military barracks and formed a commune there. In the liberal-minded community, meditation is paramount and both guns and cars are banned. Christiania is famous for its cannabis trade, which still thrives despite government attempts to stop it. What is the name of the main street where drugs are sold?

Born on a day like today


Josiah Wedgwood

An English potter, Wedgwood greatly improved the quality of contemporary pottery, specializing in cream-colored earthenware made famous by his Wedgwood company. Because smallpox had permanently weakened one of his knees, he concentrated on designing pottery rather than making it. He built a factory town, called Etruria, in 1769, and his methods transformed pottery from a minor industry into one of enormous aesthetic appeal. He was also an active abolitionist. Who was his famous grandson?

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