" Man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman—a rope over an abyss ... What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal. "
Friedrich Nietzsche

Back in the day


The Armagh Rail Disaster

In 1889, a Sunday school train excursion in Armagh, Ireland, turned tragic when the train stalled while climbing a steep hill. The crew decoupled the cars, intending to climb the hill with the first few cars and then pull the remaining cars separately, but the back section had insufficient brakes and rolled down into an oncoming train. At least 78 people were killed in the crash, including many children. What had the crew put behind the wheels to prevent the train cars from rolling backwards?



Music Video Games

Music video games require players to interact with songs in order to advance gameplay. Perhaps the best known music video games are Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, which are sub-categorized as rhythm games, since players must press the buttons on specialized controllers in time with the game's music. Other music video games, such as Karaoke Revolution, score players on their ability to match pitch while singing. What is considered the first rhythm video game?

Born on a day like today


Arthur Fellig, AKA Weegee

A New York City-based photojournalist, Fellig distinguished himself with his stark and often grisly black-and-white images. His nickname, Weegee, a phonetic pronunciation of Ouija, was derived from his seemingly clairvoyant knowledge of where crimes and emergencies were taking place and his habit of frequently beating authorities to the scenes. In reality, there was nothing supernatural about this—he simply possessed a police radio and made good use of it. What did he keep in his car's trunk?

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