" Let a fool be made serviceable according to his folly. "
Joseph Conrad

Back in the day


Secretariat Wins the Triple Crown

Thoroughbred racehorse Secretariat was the first US Triple Crown champion in 25 years, setting records in the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes that still stand today. In fact, in the 40 years since, only one Derby winner has even come close to matching Secretariat's time of 1:59.40. Secretariat advanced from last to first to win the Preakness and won the Belmont Stakes by an unprecedented 31 lengths. What controversy arose regarding the time calculations of the 1973 Preakness?




People have been interpreting dreams for millennia, but the field of oneirology attempts to study them scientifically. One theory, supported by PET scan studies, suggests that dreams are a result of electrical energy that stimulates memories located in various brain regions. Current research in oneirology seeks correlations between dreams and the functions of these regions. What machine did the researchers who discovered the link between dreams and REM sleep use to measure brain activity?

Born on a day like today


Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

Anderson was the first licensed female physician, as well as the first female mayor, in England. Denied admission by many medical schools, she studied privately with physicians before finally earning a license from the Scottish Society of Apothecaries. Largely as a result of her efforts, British examining boards later opened their examinations to women. Anderson championed the idea of medical care by female doctors for female patients. What was her New Hospital for Women later renamed?

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