" When one pays a visit it is for the purpose of wasting other people's time, not one's own. "
Oscar Wilde

Back in the day


Seinfeld Series Finale Airs

One of the most successful situation comedies in the history of television, Seinfeld is often described as a show about nothing. Created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the latter of whom starred as a fictionalized version of himself on the show, it featured a collection of selfish and neurotic characters obsessed with the minutiae of everyday life. After nine seasons, the series came to an end. In its final episode, the four main characters find themselves incarcerated for what crime?



Alain Robert, the French Spider-Man

Robert is one of the world's most famous builderers. The so-called French Spider-Man got his start scaling buildings as a youngster and, despite several early falls that left him permanently disabled, has gone on to climb some of the world's most famous and tallest man-made structures, including the Eiffel Tower, Sears Tower, Taipei 101, and many more. Because most of his climbs are unsanctioned, he is often arrested when he reaches the top. What gear does he typically use during his climbs?

Born on a day like today


Adolf Frederick of Sweden

King of Sweden from 1751 until his death 20 years later, Adolf Frederick was, for the entirety of his reign, largely just a figurehead. Most of the power actually rested with the Riksdag, Sweden's parliament. Twice he tried to free himself of its control. The first attempt ended disastrously, with Adolf Frederick nearly losing his throne. His second attempt met with greater success, but the victory ultimately did little to increase his power. In what memorable and unusual way did he die?

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