" If you know what a man's doing, get in front of him; but if you want to guess what he's doing, keep behind him. "
Gilbert Chesterton

Back in the day


U-2 Crisis of 1960 Begins

After becoming Soviet premier in 1958, Nikita Khrushchev asserted a doctrine of peaceful coexistence with capitalist nations. He toured the US in 1959 and planned a Paris summit with the US, Britain, and France in 1960, but in May of that year, an American U-2 reconnaissance plane was shot down over the Soviet Union. Khrushchev cancelled the conference, and the American pilot, F. Gary Powers, was tried in the Soviet Union and sentenced to 10 years in prison. What happened to him?



Queen Catherine de' Medici

A member of the powerful Medici family, Catherine married Henry II in 1533, and together they had 10 children. She became queen when Henry inherited the crown in 1547. Though he largely excluded her from state affairs, she was thrust into the political arena upon his death in 1559. As regent for her young sons, first Francis II and then Charles IX, she determined state policy to a considerable extent. For that reason, she is generally blamed for what massacre carried out under Charles IX's rule?

Born on a day like today


Anna Marie Jarvis

Though she never wed or had children herself, Jarvis campaigned tirelessly for the establishment of an annual holiday honoring mothers. She began her campaign after the death of her mother, a social activist who had brought mothers together in an effort to counter the divisions caused by the Civil War. By 1914, Mother's Day had been proclaimed a US national holiday. Rather than savor her success, Jarvis soon became one of the holiday's most vehement opponents. Why did she want it abolished?

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