" Ah! how delicious it is to turn over and go to sleep again: "just for five minutes." Is there any human being, I wonder, besides the hero of a Sunday-school "tale for boys," who ever gets up willingly? "
Jerome K. Jerome

Back in the day


Mountainside Collapses on Town in Alberta, Canada

Before dawn on April 29, 1903, millions of tons of limestone tumbled from the face of Alberta's Turtle Mountain onto the valley below, burying several buildings on the outskirts of the coal mining town of Frank. Though dozens were killed, only a handful of bodies were recovered from the debris. Scientists believe the slide was caused by a number of factors and speculate that another slide will likely occur. What legends about the slide arose in its aftermath and continue to persist today?



Internet Vigilantism

In 2008, in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck China's Sichuan province, a Chinese girl posted a video of herself on the Internet complaining about the attention being paid to the victims. Incensed by her comments, some Internet users in turn posted personal information about the girl online. It is one of the more well-known cases of Internet vigilantism, in which Internet users try to punish certain behaviors or even catch criminals. What are some other notable cases?

Born on a day like today


Thomasina Winifred Montgomery, AKA Tammi Terrell

In his rise to fame, Motown legend Marvin Gaye paired with a number of female vocalists. Among them was the young Tammi Terrell, with whom Gaye recorded several hit duets, including "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." During a 1967 performance, Terrell collapsed on stage and was discovered to have a brain tumor. Despite several operations, Terrell died at the age of 24, and Gaye took a lengthy hiatus from performing. Whose vocals were rumored to have replaced Terrell's on her final album with Gaye?

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