" I have seen gross intolerance shown in support of toleration. "
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Back in the day


The "Beeching Axe" Decimates British Railways

In an effort to reduce the cost of running the nationalized railway system of the UK, the British government commissioned a report to find ways to save money. Authored by Dr. Richard Beeching, the report concluded that many of the railway's lines were costing more to operate than they earned and called for the elimination of unprofitable routes and closure of a large percentage of railway stations. More than 2,000 stations were closed as a result of the "Beeching Axe." What became of Beeching?



The Dickin Medal

Since 1943, the Dickin Medal has been awarded in the UK to more than 60 animals that have served exceptionally in times of war. Instituted by the founder of a British veterinary charity, the medal is sometimes referred to as "the animals' Victoria Cross." Dogs and horses have been honored, but the greatest number of recipients comes from the ranks of pigeons that delivered critical wartime messages through bad weather or despite injuries. One cat earned the medal by performing what feline feat?

Born on a day like today


Michael Jackson

Not to be confused with the American musician of the same name, English journalist Michael Jackson was arguably the most influential beer and whiskey critic in modern history. He came to prominence after the publication of his influential 1977 book The World Guide to Beer and went on to host a TV show that featured him traveling around the globe sampling various brews. He played an enormous role in the popularization of brewing culture and was especially fond of beers from what country?

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