" Fortune cannot aid those who do nothing. "

Back in the day


Real Madrid Football Club Founded

One of the richest and most valuable sports franchises in the world, the Real Madrid Football Club is also one of the most successful, having won dozens of championships over the course of its storied history. In 1953, club president Santiago Bernabéu Yeste, a former player, embarked on the strategy of signing world-class players from abroad, not only from Spain—a trend that has continued to fuel the club's success and worldwide popularity. Who owns and operates Real Madrid?



Astro Boy

Created in the early 1950s by Osamu Tezuka—a Japanese artist revered by fans as the "God of Manga"—Astro Boy was an influential and successful comic book series. In 1963, it was adapted into a television program considered to have been one of the first expressions of the style now known as anime. The series follows the adventures of a powerful robot that was designed to resemble a real boy. What iconic American animator did Tezuka meet at the New York World's Fair in 1964?

Born on a day like today


Sarah Caldwell

Caldwell was a violin prodigy from an early age. In 1957, she founded what would become the Opera Company of Boston. Notorious for her ability to avert financial crises and meet last-minute deadlines while overseeing every detail of production, she made the company one of the most distinguished and innovative in the US. With the growing success of her company, she began to appear as a guest conductor of major orchestras. In 1976, Caldwell became the first woman to do what?

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