" Promises and pie-crusts are made to be broken. "
Jonathan Swift

Back in the day


Nashville Sit-Ins Begin

Just before it became first major Southern US city to begin integrating public spaces, Nashville was the scene of a months-long peaceful protest at the lunch counters of the city's department stores. Scores of African-American college students calmly occupied seats at the counters while employees refused to serve them. Some protesters were assaulted or jailed. That May, the counters were desegregated. The protesters' code of conduct became a model for other demonstrations. What did it say?



London's East End

Once a heavily industrial area, the storied East End of London attracted large numbers of immigrants and became known for its poverty and dense population. Vividly described by Charles Dickens, the neighborhood was haunted by Jack the Ripper in 1888, decimated by World War II bombing, and hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics. Natives of the East End, called Cockneys, are known for their dialect. A traditional definition holds that to be a Cockney, one has to have been born within the sound of what?

Born on a day like today


Sarojini Naidu

Known as "the Nightingale of India," Naidu was an Indian child prodigy who began writing poetry as a young girl. She went on to pursue politics and became the first Indian woman to serve as president of the Indian National Congress and the first female governor of Uttar Pradesh. She enjoyed a close relationship with Mohandas Gandhi, and her participation in passive disobedience campaigns landed her in jail on multiple occasions. What humorous nickname did she bestow upon Gandhi?

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