" I'm not a bit changed—not really. I'm only just pruned down and branched out. The real me—back here—is just the same. "
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Back in the day


Westminster Abbey Is Consecrated

The first church built on the site of what is now Westminster Abbey is believed to date from the early 7th century. Around 1050, King Edward the Confessor began rebuilding it. A week after the consecration of the new church, he died. William the Conqueror then launched the Norman invasion and, a year later, was crowned at Westminster Abbey—which would later house Edward's shrine. Nearly every British sovereign since then has been crowned in the abbey. What do they sit on during the coronation?



Bicycle Cars

Though bicycles have many advantages over automobiles—they are less expensive, more energy-efficient, and easier to maintain—they offer little protection from the elements. For some people, this disadvantage makes bicycles impractical for daily use. Enter the bicycle car, also known as the velomobile. Similar to a recumbent bicycle, the velomobile boasts an aerodynamic shell that offers the potential for added speed and protection from bad weather. Why do some velomobiles have parachutes?

Born on a day like today


Dhirubhai Ambani

Ambani was born in rural Gujarat, India, to a family of modest means. As a youth, he worked in Yemen, then returned to India to found Reliance Industries. Originally an importer of synthetics, Ambani went into textile production, establishing his Vimal brand as a household name in India. As the company diversified into chemicals and power, he became a billionaire. At his death, his sons inherited one of the largest companies in India—but squabbled over ownership. How was the conflict resolved?

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