" To note an artist's limitations is but to define his talent. A reporter can write equally well about everything that is presented to his view, but a creative writer can do his best only with what lies within the range and character of his deepest sympathies. "
Willa Cather

Back in the day


Radio City Music Hall Opens in New York City

Developed by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., the Radio Corporation of America, and the creator of the Roxy Theatre, New York's landmark Radio City Music Hall opened with a lavish variety show that was not well received. Instead, the world's largest indoor theater began showing movies with accompanying stage spectacles. Recently, it has focused on concerts and live events such as the Grammy Awards. Its annual Christmas show remains a popular tourist attraction. What was the first film shown there?




A staple of rock-and-roll fashion in Britain from the 1950s onward, winklepicker shoes and boots are noted for their extremely pointed toes. They were originally worn by both male and female rock-and-roll fans, and later became popular with the mod and punk subcultures as well. Their association with the music scene continues to this day, as they are worn by members of bands such as Kings of Leon and The Horrors. From what kitchen utensil did winklepickers derive their unusual name?

Born on a day like today


Louis Pasteur

Perhaps best remembered for developing the pasteurization process, Pasteur was a French microbiologist who made great strides in keeping people safe by revolutionizing contemporary thinking about diseases. He proved that food spoilage was due to exposure to microorganisms, leading to the use of heat pasteurization to kill bacteria. He developed vaccines against anthrax, cholera, and rabies, and his work on silkworm diseases saved the French silk industry. What was "Pasteur's Deception"?

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