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Edith Wharton

Back in the day


Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 Begins

When East Pakistan demanded greater autonomy from West Pakistan in 1971, civil war erupted. Millions of East Pakistanis fled to India, which West Pakistan then attacked. India responded by attacking both East and West Pakistan, occupying the eastern half and throwing its support behind the independence movement. The war lasted 13 days and ended with Pakistan's surrender. East Pakistan then declared independence and became Bangladesh. Why was the Taj Mahal covered with burlap during the conflict?



Molecular Clouds

Throughout the universe, new stars are born in cold, concentrated, asymmetrical clouds of interstellar gas where molecules exist in appreciable abundance. These molecular clouds are often so dark and full of dust that light cannot pass through them, and when they collapse internally, new stars are formed. The motions of such clouds are governed by turbulence and gravity, and they can be tremendously large. Within our own galaxy, where are clouds of molecular gasses predominantly located?

Born on a day like today


Anna Freud

The youngest daughter of renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud—the founder of psychoanalysis—Anna Freud went on to become a pioneer in child psychology. In 1938, she and her terminally ill father escaped Nazi-controlled Austria for London. There, she founded and directed a clinic for child therapy. Her writings include Normality and Pathology in Childhood and three books on the effects of war on children. Her own childhood was marked by what her father called her "age-old jealousy" of whom?

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