" This soul, or life within us, by no means agrees with the life outside us. If one has the courage to ask her what she thinks, she is always saying the very opposite to what other people say. "
Virginia Woolf

Back in the day


Weatherman's Days of Rage Begin

The Days of Rage were a series of violent anti-war protests in Chicago that coincided with the trial of the Chicago Eight, a group of protesters charged with conspiring to incite a riot. The Days of Rage were organized by Weatherman—later known as the Weather Underground—a radical faction of Students for a Democratic Society. Despite efforts to promote the event, the protesters were outnumbered by police, and many were arrested. What statue was blown up in the days leading up to the protests?



The Mafeking Cadet Corps

During South Africa's Second Boer War, British Colonel Robert Baden-Powell was charged with defending the town of Mafeking in a 217-day siege that began in 1899. Baden-Powell, who would go on to create the Boy Scout movement eight years later, utilized a team of local boys as volunteers to support the troops, assist in hospitals, and act as lookouts. Led by young Warner Goodyear, the uniformed cadets delivered messages on their bicycles amid incoming shells. Were any of them killed?

Born on a day like today


Otto Heinrich Warburg

Warburg was a German physiologist, Nobel Prize winner, and director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute—now the Max Planck Institute—for cell physiology in Berlin. He was known for his investigation of the metabolism of tumors and the respiration of cells. His hypothesis that cancer cells switch from normal cellular respiration to glycolysis, the conversion of sugars, is now a noted phenomenon. In his later years, Warburg was said to have become somewhat eccentric and to have eaten only what?

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