" He who throws away a friend is as bad as he who throws away his life. "

Back in the day


Egyptian President Anwar Sadat Is Assassinated

As president, Sadat led Egypt in a 1973 war with Israel that bolstered his popularity throughout the Arab world, even though the war was a military loss. However, after he negotiated a peace treaty with Israel in the Camp David Accords—an initiative for which he shared a Nobel Peace Prize—his popularity in the Arab world plummeted. During an annual military parade, he was ambushed and killed by extremists. What three people made a rare simultaneous appearance at his funeral?




Popular in the 1880s, prior to the development of the so-called safety bicycle, the penny-farthing was an early bicycle with a large front wheel and a comparatively tiny rear one. Perched on a seat above the front wheel, the rider was unable to touch the ground with his or her feet. "Taking a header" was a constant danger, so some riders put their feet over the handlebars when coasting downhill to ensure that any fall forward would be feetfirst. How did one go about mounting such a contraption?

Born on a day like today


Johanna "Jenny" Maria Lind

One of the greatest coloratura sopranos of her time, Lind was a Swedish opera star who caused a sensation touring Europe. Her fame led American showman P.T. Barnum to use his innovative publicity techniques to arrange a hugely successful 1850 US tour for her. Hans Christian Andersen once fell in love with her and wrote "The Nightingale" in her honor, leading to her nickname, "The Swedish Nightingale." A clipper ship and a class of locomotive were named for Lind, as was what piece of furniture?

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