" There are so many unpleasant things in the world already that there is no use in imagining any more. "
Lucy Maud Montgomery

Back in the day


First Episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus Airs on BBC

A highly influential British sketch comedy show, Monty Python's Flying Circus ran until 1974 and subsequently spawned four movies and several live shows. With scenes such as "The Dead Parrot Sketch" and "The Spanish Inquisition," the innovative, disjointed, non-traditional show became a cult favorite noted for its surreal, sarcastic, innuendo-laden humor. Interspersed throughout the show were Terry Gilliam's iconic animations, including a giant, crushing foot taken from what painting?



Bubble Chamber

A bubble chamber is a device for detecting charged subatomic particles. The sealed chamber is filled with a liquefied gas, such as liquid hydrogen, which is superheated. As particles move through the liquid, they leave trails of bubbles that can be illuminated and photographed. Such tracks can be used to identify particles, study their behavior, and analyze the complex events in which they participate. The inventor of the bubble chamber experimented with prototypes filled with what liquid?

Born on a day like today


Larry Fine

Fine was just a toddler when his left arm was badly burned by acid used in his father's Philadelphia jewelry store. To help strengthen his damaged arm, Fine learned to play violin, which led him to a career in vaudeville. In the 1920s, he joined the comedy act that would become The Three Stooges, catapulting him—and his trademark unruly hair—to fame in several feature films and hundreds of shorts. As a young man, what else did he do to strengthen his arm until his father made him stop?

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