" There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. "
Washington Irving

Back in the day


Domitian Becomes Emperor of Rome

The son of Roman Emperor Vespasian, Domitian was second in line for the throne, yet he was only given positions of nominal importance prior to succeeding his older brother Titus, whom he most likely had killed. Though his laws were severe and increasingly despotic, his administration was ostensibly egalitarian, and he is said to have governed the empire well. Still, defeats in Britain and Germany undermined his leadership. About which of his physical traits was he reportedly extremely sensitive?



Albertus Magnus

Magnus was a 13th-century Dominican bishop regarded as one of the greatest German philosophers and theologians of the Middle Ages. He taught Thomas Aquinas, was a major Aristotelian scholar and commentator, and wrote prolifically on myriad subjects. Extraordinarily well-read, he possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of a vast array of scientific and philosophical disciplines. Various legends portray him as a magician or alchemist. His refusal to ride horses earned him what affectionate nickname?

Born on a day like today


Clayton Moore

Moore performed as a stunt man, trapeze artist, and occasional actor in Westerns until he was spotted in a Zorro film by the producer of The Lone Ranger. From 1949 to 1957, he appeared in 169 episodes of The Lone Ranger as the titular masked character, who roams the West fighting injustice with his trusty sidekick, Tonto, and horse, Silver. The Ranger never removed his trademark mask, which Moore continued to wear in public until a 1979 lawsuit forced him to replace it with what?

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