" I am Envy...I cannot read and therefore wish all books burned. "
Christopher Marlowe

Back in the day


Bomb Delivered to Harvey's Resort Hotel

After losing a substantial amount of money gambling at Harvey's Resort Hotel in Stateline, Nevada, John Birges devised a plan to recoup his losses. On August 26, 1980, he planted a bomb containing nearly 1,000 pounds (453 kg) of dynamite at the casino. His attempt to extort millions of dollars failed, but so did efforts to disarm his sophisticated, tamper-proof bomb. The resulting explosion destroyed much of the casino on August 27. No one was injured. How did experts try to disarm the bomb?



The Geysers

Located in the Mayacamas Mountains north of San Francisco, California, The Geysers is a complex of geothermal power plants that draw steam from more than 350 wells. Discovered in 1847, the area became the site of the first commercial geothermal electric plant in the US in 1960. Today, it boasts the largest complex of such plants in the world. The steam is produced by a magma chamber heating water underground, but the features that gave The Geysers its name are not really geysers. What are they?

Born on a day like today


Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, AKA Mother Teresa

In 1927, 17-year-old Agnes Bojaxhiu left her native Macedonia and became a Catholic nun in India, changing her name to Teresa. She never saw her family again. Her decades of devoted charity to the poor earned her global recognition and a 1979 Nobel Peace Prize. Though she was a prominent religious figure, she suffered from a crisis of faith that lasted decades. Since her death in 1997, she has rapidly progressed toward being declared a saint. Why was an exorcism once performed on Mother Teresa?

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