" I can see the humorous side of things and enjoy the fun when it comes; but look where I will, there seems to me always more sadness than joy in life. "
Jerome K. Jerome

Back in the day


2008 Summer Olympics Begin in Beijing, China

At 8:08 PM on 8-8-08, the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics began. Held in the new Beijing National Stadium—nicknamed "the Bird's Nest"—it marked China's first time hosting the Olympics. The nearly four-hour event, which showcased Chinese culture, was a popular and logistical success, and the games became one of the most-watched TV events in history. However, in the international torch relay before the opening ceremony, protests in what city caused the Olympic torch to be extinguished?



Referred Pain

Referred pain is a phenomenon in which pain is felt in an area of the body other than the part where it originated. One well-known example is the jaw, neck, or arm pain often felt during heart attacks, another is the shoulder pain associated with gallstones. A less serious example is "brain freeze," a sudden headache sometimes triggered by eating cold foods. Scientists do not fully understand what causes referred pain, but it is thought to be related to what phenomenon experienced by amputees?

Born on a day like today


Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac

Dirac was an influential English mathematician and theoretical physicist. In 1928, he published a version of quantum mechanics taking into account the theory of relativity. His theory predicted an antiparticle to the electron, and, in 1932, the positron was discovered. That year, Dirac was appointed to the same University of Cambridge chair once held by Isaac Newton. Likely autistic, Dirac was known for his precise nature and literal view of the world. How did he once introduce his wife?

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