" They are the good Samaritans that find us robbed of all our dreams by the roadside of life, bleeding and weeping and desolate; and such is their skill and wealth and goodness of heart, that they not only heal up our wounds, but restore to us the lost property of our dreams. "
Richard le Gallienne

Back in the day


France Declares War on Prussia

The Franco-Prussian War was the outcome of the progressive unification of German states after the Napoleonic Wars. Events came to a head when the Spanish throne was offered to a member of the Prussian Hohenzollern family, raising the possibility of a Prussian-Spanish alliance against France. The French government demanded assurances that no member of the Hohenzollern family would ever rule Spain and declared war when it was refused. What famously insulting telegram prompted France's declaration?




In Greek religion and mythology, Hecate is the goddess of ghosts and witchcraft and the governess of liminal regions. Identified with three other goddesses, she was sometimes depicted as having three bodies, giving her the ability to look in all directions at once. Because she helped rescue Persephone from Hades, she became associated with the underworld. In the upper world, she haunted graveyards and crossroads and was invisible to all eyes except those of what animal that often followed her?

Born on a day like today


Charles Horace Mayo

Mayo was a gifted surgeon who, with his father, brother, and several other doctors, founded the world-renowned non-profit medical center in Minnesota that would become the Mayo Clinic. In addition to seeing patients, Mayo served as the health officer of Rochester, Minnesota, for many years and also taught medical students. He originated modern procedures in neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery and reduced the death rate in goiter operations. What factor contributed to his early surgical success?

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