" Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. "
Jane Austen

Back in the day


Japanese Submarine Attacks US Mainland

With the exception of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the US was able to largely avoid fighting WWII on home soil, mainly because of its relative geographical isolation. However, Japan attacked the West Coast of the US several times. In 1942, a Japanese submarine fired at Fort Stevens in Oregon in the first and only attack on a mainland US military installation during the war. The shells damaged phone cables and a baseball backstop, but the fort's gunners were ordered not to return fire. Why?




Ushabtis are figurines that were buried in ancient Egyptian tombs to serve as stand-ins for the deceased in the event that he or she was called upon to perform manual labor in the afterlife. Some tombs hosted hundreds of the small statuettes, which were often mass produced and generally made from materials like wood, stone, or clay. The figures were crafted carrying the tools they would need to complete their work and bear inscriptions, often taken from what ancient collection of funerary texts?

Born on a day like today


Mary Therese McCarthy

McCarthy began her storied writing career as a drama critic for the Partisan Review in the 1930s, gaining a reputation for wit, intellect, and acerbity—qualities that are evident in her later works of satirical fiction as well as in her personal life. She engaged other authors in public feuds and repeatedly took contentious literary and political stands. Author Lillian Hellman filed a multimillion-dollar libel suit against McCarthy after she made what comment about Hellman's writing?

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