" It is equally offensive to speed a guest who would like to stay and to detain one who is anxious to leave. "

Back in the day


Winston Churchill Delivers His "Finest Hour" Speech

Churchill delivered his celebrated "Finest Hour" speech after it became clear that France's surrender to Germany was imminent and that this would bring the Nazi enemy to England's doorstep. Churchill had been prime minister for just over a month when he delivered the 36-minute speech before the House of Commons. Warning that England would soon face attack, he tried to inspire courage, justify confidence in victory, and define the noble causes that Britain was fighting for, which were what?



Art Brut: Outsider Art

French for "raw art," art brut, or outsider art, is art produced outside the established art world, particularly crude or obscene works created by the untrained or mentally ill. The term was coined by French artist Jean Dubuffet, who regarded such works as the purest form of expression. The first well-known outsider artist was psychiatric patient Adolf W├Âlfli, who produced a vast body of work, including an illustrated 45-volume epic about his transformation from a knight into what?

Born on a day like today


James Montgomery Flagg

A prolific American artist and illustrator, Flagg designed 45 military posters during WWI, including the famous "I Want You" portrait of Uncle Sam. He studied abroad in England and Paris and, upon returning to New York, rapidly won a reputation as a technically skilled, versatile, and vivacious illustrator. Working in pen and ink, watercolor, and oils, he contributed to Judge, Life, St. Nicholas, and other magazines. On whose face did Flagg model his well-known Uncle Sam?

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