" In civilized life, where the happiness and indeed almost the existence of man, depends so much upon the opinion of his fellow men. He is constantly acting a studied part. "
Washington Irving

Back in the day


Robert Kennedy Dies from Gunshot Wounds

Five years after US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, his younger brother, Senator Robert Kennedy, was shot and killed by a man named Sirhan Sirhan. The shooting took place on the night that Robert won the California Democratic presidential nomination. His body was taken to Arlington National Cemetery by train, and thousands of people gathered by the tracks to pay tribute. He was buried near his brother. In what way was the ceremony the only one of its kind in Arlington's history?



Kurt Wenner

Wenner is an American artist best known for his highly realistic, three-dimensional street art drawn using chalk. He produced his first chalk drawings on sidewalks in Rome after moving there in 1982 to study classical art. While he is not the only artist to have created anamorphic illusions in chalk, Wenner transformed the art form with his Renaissance-style mythical and religious scenes. He has also created advertisements. What work did Wenner do for NASA before studying in Rome?

Born on a day like today


John Trumbull

After serving as an aide to George Washington during the American Revolution, Trumbull went to London to study painting under Benjamin West. He was imprisoned shortly thereafter—in retribution for the hanging of a British agent in the US—and left London upon his release. He returned in 1784 and began a celebrated series of historical paintings, four of which now hang in the US Capitol rotunda. His oft-reproduced Declaration of Independence is featured on what denomination of US currency?

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