" That's the reason they're called lessons...because they lessen from day to day. "
Lewis Carroll

Back in the day


The Pullman Strike Begins

The Pullman Strike was a strike of about 50,000 US rail workers. It was initiated after the Pullman railcar company cut wages by 25%, yet kept rents high in the company-owned town where workers lived. The company refused arbitration, and the railway union called for a strike and nationwide boycott. Sympathy strikes followed in 27 states. In July, the president dispatched troops, who clashed with workers and broke the strike. The troops were sent in after workers halted trains carrying what?



Ancient Delicacy: The Thousand-Year-Old Egg

A traditional Chinese delicacy, the so-called thousand-year-old egg may look and smell ancient but nowadays is actually ready to eat after just a few months. Preparing the dish involves coating a clean egg in an alkaline mixture of ash, lime, and salt to preserve it and then rolling it in rice hulls for storage. Over time, the egg white turns into a dark brown gel and the yolk turns green and develops a strong smell of sulfur and ammonia. How was it supposedly discovered during the Ming Dynasty?

Born on a day like today


Salvador Dalí

Dalí was a Spanish painter whose striking images and eccentric personality made him the world's most recognized surrealist artist. Influenced by the theories and dream studies of Sigmund Freud, he painted nightmarishly absurd scenes in precise, realistic detail, creating worlds in which everyday objects are deformed or metamorphosed in strange ways. In his most famous work, The Persistence of Memory, limp watches melt in an eerie landscape. Which candy brand's logo was designed by Dalí?

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