" Oh, the nerves, the nerves; the mysteries of this machine called Man! Oh, the little that unhinges it: poor creatures that we are! "
Charles Dickens

Back in the day


The Kent State Shootings

In 1970, the US was in the midst of the Vietnam War, and antiwar demonstrations among students were common. When students at Ohio's Kent State University decided to protest the incursion of US forces into Cambodia, no one imagined it would end in tragedy. But National Guard troops called in to disperse the crowd opened fire, killing four and wounding nine others. The shooting sparked nationwide outrage and became a rallying point for antiwar activists. Where else were student protesters killed?



Dou Shou Qi

Popular with children, Dou Shou Qi, also known as Jungle Chess, is a traditional Chinese board game similar to chess and Stratego. Each player has eight pieces representing animals, including an elephant, lion, tiger, leopard, dog, wolf, cat, and rat. More powerful animals, such as the lion, can capture and eat weaker animals, such as the rat. The board itself is marked with traps, dens, and water areas, and some animals move across the board differently than others. How is the game won?

Born on a day like today


Horace Mann

Mann overcame limited early education to enter law and politics. He became secretary of Massachusetts' new board of education in 1837, at a time when the public school system was in poor condition. In his 12 years there, he established high schools, enhanced teacher training and pay, curbed child labor, and improved facilities and equipment. He fought for free, nonsectarian, universal schooling, greatly advancing education in the US. What quote is engraved on his monument at Antioch College?

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